Team coaching

  • Are you nursing an entrepreneurial idea for ministry, but don’t know how to get it started (much less fund it)?
  • Is your church ready to move a social enterprise idea down the field that funds other aspects of ministry?
  • Could you use the wisdom of others to test-drive an idea for missional entrepreneurship?
  • Are you curious about what’s involved in starting a sustainable nonprofit or for-profit ministry?


A “Hatchathon” is a collaborative incubator experience, where creative people get coaching and colleagues around mission and social enterprise. We will run you through a 49-hour intensive “hatch” process designed to turn ideas that feel “wild ‘n’ woolly” into actionable, sustainable ministries.

Mark DeVries brings to Ministry Incubators a career of entrepreneurial ministry and coaching. A serial entrepreneur, Mark has founded numerous sustainable ministry enterprises, most notably Ministry Architects (2002). This team of over 50 consultants has worked with over 500 churches, bringing together centuries of expertise in youth ministry, children’s ministry, young adult ministry, small church ministry, executive coaching, and strategic initiatives for entire churches.

Kenda Creasy Dean comes to Ministry Incubators after 30 years of doing ministry that wasn’t in a job description. She teaches practical theology, youth ministry, and social innovation at Princeton Theological Seminary, and has extensive experience in new ministry development, grant-writing, and nonprofit ministry, especially with youth and young adults. An ordained United Methodist pastor, Kenda is on the leadership team of Kingston United Methodist Church and serves on the United Methodist Church’s Advisory Team for new church plants.


  • Clarify your missional focus, ministry goals and activities
  • Solidify your budget and financial model to transition your ministry idea into action
  • Create an initial “pitch deck” to communicate your concept


Though we require each participant to have a “phone friend” on speed dial during the event, people tell us they get the most out of Hatchathons when they attend together with a partner. We define “partner” as someone who will share in developing the design and carrying the load of implementing your ministry enterprise. To make it worth your while, we’re offering a dramatically reduced registration fee of $179 for partners.


We’ve learned the hard way to say this: this is not the kind of event that will feel like a retreat, though we think you’ll have a blast. Expect long hours, high energy, crackling creativity, and a lot of coffee, laughter, and hope. But if you need a break (and who doesn’t?)…you might want to try the Bahamas (!).


The Hatchathon kicks off at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29th and concludes at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 31st. Lodging is available on campus at Princeton Theological Seminary’s Erdman Center. Lodging is not included in the cost of registration. Reservations can be booked by calling the Erdman Center’s front desk at 609.497.7990.

Standard Rate


Includes copious refreshments and meals

Rigorous workshops

One-on-one coaching

Partner Rate


Includes copious refreshments and meals

Rigorous workshops

Team coaching